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Trident's first board.....the LoveChild;

Shaped and designed by Tridents head shaper Sam Rolfe this board has been designed to enable the rider to experiment with new-school, innovative menouvers in even the weakest most sloppy of surf. Sam designed this particular board with himself and his local area in mind, the board rides 8" shorter than your go-to shortboard. this particular board is 5'7 1/4" x 19 1/4" x 2 1/4" and although it sounds small Sam has managed to hide a LOT of volume in a very compact board! with it's wide tail running from a slight v to a single concave in the nose the board is loose in big turns but holds well in steep surf when you need it most, it rides very tight in the pocket due to the nature of the flat-ish rocker and short length. Because of the nature of the waves this has been designed for, Sam has kept a good bit of foam beneath the riders chest so this board also paddles very well for such a small little stick. If you are thinking of purchasing a LoveChild, as a guide Sam is 6' and 12 1/2 stone. Depending on the waves in your area we would reccomend that you stick to the 8" shorter rule, however we are here to help and can talk through anything you are unsure of

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